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In Loving Memory

Adrian Murphy

Adrian was a seven-time All Ireland Champion, Set Dance Champion, and European tour alum for Ceoltais Ceoltaoire Na Erin. He danced, taught, and choreographed Irish dance shows, holiday programs, and dance classes across Ireland, Europe, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and England.

Adrian excelled as an artist and left a lasting impact on everyone he encountered. He graced hundreds of stages and theaters worldwide, and he served as the Producer and Choreographer for acclaimed productions such as Celtic Dance Force, Feet of Fire, and FireDance the Show. His talent shone on UK, Australian, and American networks, captivating audiences at renowned events like the Miss World Pageant, The Americas Cup Village, and the Annual Celebration of Performing Arts. In addition to his contributions in the USA, Adrian established the Adrian Murphy’s Academy of Dance, overseeing seven studios in New Zealand and Australia. He also shared his expertise by teaching at prestigious institutions like the Royal Academy of Dance, Variety Performance, and Her Majesty’s Theatre in London.

Adrian possessed a magnetic charisma and a relentless pursuit of perfection. His students were expected to dance at their absolute best, maintaining a commitment to excellence at all times. Naomi, an advanced dancer herself, first crossed paths with Adrian during a workshop he hosted in the USA in 1996. She was deeply impressed by his boundless enthusiasm, unwavering passion, and genuine love for dance. After becoming a part of Naomi's family, Adrian took on the role of managing and providing lessons in Utah. His influence played a pivotal role in Naomi's early journey in Irish dance, instilling in her a deep drive and dedication to the art. Adrian's life mission included not only teaching his students to transcend conventional boundaries but also fostering a genuine passion for Irish Dance. His luminous talent and enduring legacy continue to inspire the next generation of dancers.

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