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In Loving Memory

Adrian Murphy

Adrian was a seven-time All Ireland Champion, Set Dance Champion, and European tour alum for Ceoltais Ceoltaoire Na Erin. He danced, taught, and choreographed Irish dance shows, holiday programs, and dance classes throughout Ireland, Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and England.
Adrian excelled as an artist and made an impact on everyone who met him. Adrian performed on hundreds of stages and in theaters internationally and was the Producer and Choreographer of Celtic Dance Force, Feet of Fire, and FireDance the Show. He made regular appearances on UK, Australian, and American networks and entertained audiences near and far, including at highlight shows for the Miss World Pageant, The Americas Cup Village, the Annual Celebration of Performing Arts. In addition to his works established in the USA, he founded the Adrian Murphy’s Academy of Dance, had seven studios in New Zealand and Australia, and taught at the Royal Academy of Dance, Variety Performance, and Her Majesty’s Theatre London.
Adrian was a charismatic and motivated perfectionist. His students were expected to dance to 100% of their ability at all times. As an advanced dancer, Naomi was introduced to Adrian at a workshop he hosted in the USA in 1996. She was amazed by his enthusiasm, passion, and love of dance. After taking up residency with Naomi's family, Adrian managed and tutored lessons locally in Utah. Excelling through artistic advancement and achievement, Naomi attributes much of her early drive for Irish dance to Adrian and his support to always keep dancing. Teaching his students to break out from the normal boundaries, and have a true passion for Irish Dance, was one of Adrian's life goals. His bright talent and success shine brightly through the legacy of dance he graced to the next generation.

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